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Food for Reflection - May 2024 - 14 May 2024

A Passion Play that packed a punch and a talk detailing an emotional journey of reconciling faith with infertility were the most recent events hosted by Food for Thought.

Our Easter celebrations proves a great success and managed to tell the story of the The Passion in an accessible and respectful way while also incorporating a message of hope and joy with some fun activities at the end.

An all-star cast enacted the pertinent parts of the story in different rooms of the church which encouraged greater interation with the audience and more importantly facilitated some excellent props. We also had a group-boogie to  Lord of the Dance while the children were entertained with chocolate eggs and Easter bonnets. More importantly there were grown adults dressed in ridiculous costumes such as an egg and a bunny.

Last month we hosted Emma Nash, author of A Pastoral Theology of Childnessness, who spoke candidly and movingly about faith and infertility. A very emotional talk but one with honesty and integrity. A thought-provoking discussion afterwards and great community morning catching up over a croissant too.

Next up we have Deb Cartwright who headed up Margate-based domestic abuse charity, Oasis. Head to our events page for more info.